Free dental care and education for Spartanburg and Cherokee children.

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Free Dental Care for Children

Healthy Smiles is the only organization in Spartanburg that provides completely free dental care to children who qualify. We offer free dental screenings to all children in a school-based setting, preventative treatment to qualifying children through portable dentistry, and restorative dental care for qualifying children at our Free Pediatric Dental Clinic. For children with no insurance or Medicaid, Healthy Smiles is their best opportunity to have healthy teeth, gums and smiles. Thanks to Healthy Smiles’ treatments and health education, low-income children in Spartanburg and Cherokee will grow up into healthier adults and productive citizens of Spartanburg, S.C.

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Healthy Smiles delivers:

Dental screenings, preventative treatment & education at schools, and preventative dental treatment via portable dentistry at schools and community events. Our work improve children's overall health.

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Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg, Inc. is tackling head-on the issue of inequality in our country’s health and medical establishments. We offer early interventions in dental care paired with education to create life-long healthy habits. But we can’t do this alone: we rely on the shared talents of dental professionals volunteering their time and energy, as well as financial support from those who care about Spartanburg and Cherokee’s children. Please join us in spreading Healthy Smiles.

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Support a great cause today by contributing any amount, small or large, to help further the mission of Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg.

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Sign up to Volunteer

We are seeking volunteer dental professionals with a love of children and a desire to give back to the Spartanburg and Cherokee communities.


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Spread The Word

Tell your school, your dentist and your friends about the important work Healthy Smiles is doing to improve the health of Spartanburg and Cherokee children. Follow our clinic, screenings and success stories on Facebook, and invite your friends to join.

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