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Healthy Smiles' Jack Keith Society Fund

Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg would like your support of the Healthy Smiles' Jack Keith Society Fund at The Spartanburg County Foundation.  This endowed fund will provide resources year after year to assist Healthy Smiles in meeting the many dental needs of children in Spartanburg County.  Healthy Smiles relies on gracious donations from individuals within the community, and the Healthy Smiles' Jack Keith Society Fund gives donors a variety of giving options to support the work of the organization. 

Founder's Club:

Arkwright Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Baker

The Freeman Family

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Giles

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habistreutinger

Dr. and Mrs. John Keith, Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. John Keith, Jr.

Ms. Elsie Wright and Mr. Zerno Martin

Mr. Peter Moore

Dr. and Mrs. Philip C. Morrow

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Nease

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Phillips, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Smiley

Dr. and Mrs. Ricky Wolfe

Mr.and Mrs. Kurt Zimmerli

Society Members:

2012-2013 Healthy Smiles' Board Members and Staff

Mr. and Mrs. William Barnet 

Mrs. Walter Cart

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cogdell

Mrs. Elton Crenshaw

Mrs. Nancy Rainey Crowley

Mr. and Mrs. Harry DeLoach

Mr. and Mrs. George Deam Johnson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Magruder

Mr. Fred Oates

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oates, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Perrin

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Smiley

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith


For more information on how you can support Healthy Smiles through a gift to the Healthy Smiles' Jack Keith Society, please contact Troy Hanna at the Spartanburg County Foundation at 864.582.0138.


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Sign up to Volunteer

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Spread The Word

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