Free Exams

Dental hygienist cleaning a child's teeth at Healthy Smiles clinic.Call us to schedule an appointment for free dental care. Exams, cleaning and treatment are offered at no charge if your child:

  • Is aged 4-18 and lives in Spartanburg or Cherokee County
  • Qualifies for free or low-cost school lunches, whether attending a public, private or home school
  • Is not covered by private dental insurance or Medicaid

Free dental care clinics are held on designated Fridays and Saturdays in our children’s dental clinic.

You will be glad you called Healthy Smiles for your child, especially when you consider that:

  • Tooth decay is the #1 childhood disease. Untreated dental problems can lead to diabetes, heart disease, blood poisoning and even death.
  • Countless school hours are lost each year to oral disease, putting your child at risk of falling behind.


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Sign up to Volunteer

We are seeking volunteer dental professionals with a love of children and a desire to give back to the Spartanburg and Cherokee communities.


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Spread The Word

Tell your school, your dentist and your friends about the important work Healthy Smiles is doing to improve the health of Spartanburg and Cherokee children. Follow our clinic, screenings and success stories on Facebook, and invite your friends to join.

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